Agent d'artiste



Our business is to facilitate and develop partnerships between the artists and the people and organizations who discover, support and display art – galleries, foundations, exhibitions, museums, architects, designers, local governments, businesses, etc.


Our proposals are aligned with the budgets and the needs of the chosen artists. Remember that agent’s fees are paid by the artists themselves.


Our aim is to support our artists by increasing their visibility and taking care of all business aspects with potential customers.


Whether in France, or in international markets, we act as the liaison between the artist and the buyer. We clearly establish how the works will be presented, define budgets and logistics (transport, insurance, installation, communications), and draw up a project schedule.


Our overriding objective is quality. We rigorously select our partners, based on their artistic qualities and originality, while also spanning a wide variety of artistic styles and worlds, giving the widest possible choice of contemporary art. Our entire approach is dictated by a commitment to defending the artists we represent, fairly and consistently.


We have formed a dedicated team, and our staff members are always ready to talk. We provide a complete slate of services to encourage two-way communications between these two complementary worlds. Based on our years of experience, we are familiar with the marketing and financial imperatives, and we are firmly persuaded that not all sales of artworks have to be online – sometimes a personal touch is very welcome.


Didier Bierjon

Agent d'artiste